Technology In Sports To Enhance Players Performance

Technology is part of everyday life, and some of this technology has a place within a sport. For example, people use a global positioning system (GPS) in their car, or when hiking to monitor how far they have traveled or how long it will take to arrive at the destination. Similar technology can be used in sport to determine how far an athlete has run during a game or to quantify how straight someone paddled a kayak.

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This modern-day knowledge can provide new feedback to athletes and thus tell them something they didn’t already know. Or at times this technology is merely telling them something that the coach has repeatedly said but that somehow didn’t get through. How many times has a golf coach told a golfer, “You are lifting your head just as the club is making contact with the ball?” The golfer doesn’t feel her head moving and for a number of reasons doesn’t or can’t make a correction to her technique.



If the coach uses a video camera to record her swing and then plays the video back, the golfer can see the fault in the mechanics. More advanced technology can measure the amount of movement, like how far the head lifted, and with the use of force transducers and EMG (electromyography), can measure the timing of muscle sequences.