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How Can Technologies By Used To Analyze Athletic Performance

Technologies such as CAD (Computer aided design) can play a major role in the improvement of sporting equipment. CAD allows virtual design and testing techniques to be applied to all aspects of sport and equipment research and development. CAD offers an efficient means of considering an assessing new products and ideas and is primarily used to improve safety, comfort and effectiveness of specialized sports equipments;

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CAD is also used regularly in the justification of physical fact figures and for both competitive and training circumstances. Other technologies such as “smart” equipment can be used evaluate performance. Example of “smarts” equipments technologies include devices used for exercise stress testing and cardiovascular assessment, human reaction time and frequency of movement meters, and jump and run characteristics devices.



The use modern technology in sports may mean that competition at the uppermost level is only affordable to the leading top athletes due to the potential high costs of specialized sports equipments, in those sports incorporating individuals with a particular disability, there are a variety of methods in which assistance can be given. For example, modifications to buildings can be made to make them wheelchair accessible, specialized equipments can also be produced and training to sports members can be offered in order to give specific assistance to those with a disability.