How Can Technology Are Used To Enhance Athletic Performance

Sports apparel, such as clothing and footwear, should be user-friendly and provide useful properties such as strength, stability, density, weight, resilience, hardness, moisture resistance and, most importantly, cost. Footwear is usually considered more for convenience and injury prevention rather than performance improvement. Whereas clothing such as full body costumes used for swimming. They are also believed to rationalize the success times of the runner because winning or losing the race is one hundredth of a second.


A tennis racket has been designed to provide increased ball speed and reduce the potential vibration that can lead to a condition known as a tennis elbow. In other processing equipment, such as the golf ball, the overall mass of the target reduced the overall mass of the club, which is assumed to result in a more attainable distance and probably a more accurate shot.

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The bicycle has also experienced modern day developments with the production of specialist spokes, pneumatic tyres; split levers and pedals, which are all directed at increasing stability and rigidity of the bicycle. High-speed cameras used in sports are the most efficient technology. There are numerous high-speed cameras, such as high-speed cameras – more than 100 FDS (frames per second) still cameras, motion cameras.